Who Can Apply for Designation?

Any professional who is working in AML/CTF may submit an application for a designation. Individuals must be members of CAMLI in order to apply for a designation.

Implementation Schedule:

  • Coming soon!

CAMLI Designation - Practicing Consultant

The third tier of professional designation is aimed at those compliance officials demonstrating
the pragmatic and management experience, knowledge, and skills required in the first two levels, which are subsequently molded into a style recognized for its leadership and mentorship qualities. This individual represents the consummate AML/CTF compliance practitioner capable of developing a successful compliance regime across a variety of reporting sectors --- someone who guides a program and works with an organization's management and front-line employees to effectively respond to change and emerging challenges. This designation we are calling the Practicing Consultant or CAMLI- PC.

At this point, the process for assessing an individual's readiness to be assigned this designation has yet to be confirmed. That information will be posted in due course.