CAMLI CAMLI is a Canadian compliance education and resource forum for anti-money laundering compliance professionals. We develop and recognize through professional designations the knowledge, skills, and leadership required to manage money laundering and terrorist financing risks.

CAMLI's next member - only chat topic is: Getting to know Money Services Businesses (MSBs) - November 28, 2022, 1:00 pm EST. How well do you understand the different types of MSBs and the risks that are unique to each?

CAMLI has invited Carinta Mannarelli, owner of Global Currency Services and one of the driving forces behind the Canadian MSB Association to join us for our next Q&A session. She will go through the different types of MSBs, risks, mitigation strategies, and the benefits of banking MSBs.
Money Laundering in Canada 2023 will be live in Ottawa, October 2-3, 2023
CAMLI’s subject matter experts have compiled a geographic risk resource compendium that summarizes the most current money laundering, terrorist activity, corruption, and criminal data by specific geographic locations including: country, regions, provinces/states, and Canadian municipal locations. This resource is included with your CAMLI membership and can be found in the Resources tab, at the top of the Fact Sheets and Additional Documents page. Non-members can purchase a copy online in the CAMLI Store