CAMLI-Sponsored Events
CAMLI-Sponsored Events

A key focus of CAMLI is our recognition of the on-going education and training requirements for compliance officials. Money laundering and terrorist financing practices continue to evolve as criminals and terrorist organizations develop new techniques to move their funds through the world's financial systems without being noticed.  Compliance officers need to stay in synch with these changes, along with new variations on old practices, to ensure that their control programs are effective. As a result, CAMLI strives to keep members apprised of various training opportunities both through CAMLI and other providers.

Member Savings

Members receive substantial savings on registration fees for education and training events organized/sponsored by CAMLI. In addition, CAMLI members receive special rates and preferred pricing for events offered by ABCsolutions, including the annual Money Laundering in Canada Conference. Visit for more information on the products and services that are available.

Continuing Education

Many training opportunities will carry Continuing Education Credits (CEC), which can be used by CAMLI members to satisfy their professional designation continuing education requirements.