CAMLI CAMLI is a Canadian compliance education and resource forum for anti-money laundering compliance professionals. We develop and recognize through professional designations the knowledge, skills, and leadership required to manage money laundering and terrorist financing risks.

CAMLI's next member - only chat topic is Digital Identity. There will be a brief presentation by a pair of subject matter experts from DIACC (Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada) followed by time for a Q&A and discussion period.
The presentation will be recorded and posted to the Member's section on for later viewing. The discussion period will not be recorded or shared to enable open sharing and protect privacy.
These sessions will be open only to current CAMLI members and will be limited to 30 participants to enable discussion. You will receive confirmation after you register that you are one of the first 25 to register. All others will be put onto a waiting list.
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This program was developed for compliance professionals to assist with developing an efficient and effective transaction monitoring system with the ultimate goal to determine whether to clear alerts or escalate to the submission of suspicious transaction reports. Find Out More

Workshop Date/Time: Wednesday, November 25, 2020 12:00 - 14:00 Eastern Standard Time

Risk assessments continuously mature as they are updated, generally breaking risk profiles into smaller and more detailed segments. This granularity tends to increase the expectation of stakeholders and regulators to identify and manage client and product risks proactively. In many cases, financial institutions find that some inherently high-risk clients and products exceed the institution’s risk profile, resulting in moves to exit or deny new client or product lines. However, some financial institutions may be overvaluing the inherent risk compared to the possible residual risk and the associated reward of these clients and products. Developing specialties in high-risk segments allows financial institutions to play to their risk management strengths, compete on value proposition rather than price, and reveal highly profitable segments while still managing the institutions risk appetite.
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