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The 2017 Edition of A Compliance Officer’s Resource: Reducing Geographic Risk is Now Available

The 2017 Edition of CAMLI’s geographic risk resource compendium, A Compliance Officer’s Resource: Reducing Geographic Risk, has been compiled and is now available. This comprehensive document summarizes the most current money laundering, terrorist activity, corruption, and criminal data by specific geographic locations including: country, regions, provinces/states, and Canadian municipal locations. Assist employees assess the risks associated with customers through the use of:

  • Individual country assessments that discuss and assess a nation’s risks for money laundering, terrorist financing and corruption activity; the presence of illegal drug activity; and the efforts made by the country’s government to control for these threats;
  • Risk Alert summaries describe those nations that have been identified as being money laundering priority jurisdictions and countries; lists of high risk countries; vulnerability checklists for money laundering; terrorist safe havens and state sponsors of terrorism; as well as jurisdictions subject to economic sanctions that must be reinforced under Canadian law;
  • Canadian Crime Statistics covering medium to large-sized communities across the country;
  • The Corruption Perception Index, which measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption across the world; and
  • AML Risk Rankings summarized by various countries.

A Compliance Officer’s Resource: Reducing Geographic Risk is included with your CAMLI membership or can be purchased directly from the CAMLI online store.

Members can access it via the Resources Tab, once they are logged in. Simply select "Fact Sheets and Other Documents" from the drop down menu.

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